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Professional Certifications

NAI professional certifications are designed to recognize those who have the skills, abilities, and experience to be considered a professional in the field of interpretation. Our certification program follows best practices set forth by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, including a peer review conducted by professionals who hold an active credential for the certification they are reviewing.

Certified Heritage Interpreter™

The Certified Heritage Interpreter (CHI™) professional certification recognizes experienced front-line interpreters who have expertise in both presenting interpretive programs and developing non-personal interpretive media.

Learn more about CHI

Certified Interpretive Trainer™

The Certified Interpretive Trainer (CIT™) professional certification recognizes experienced individuals with expertise in developing and delivering training programs and who regularly train other interpreters.

Learn more about CIT

Certified Interpretive Manager™

The Certified Interpretive Manager (CIM™) professional certification recognizes individuals with experience supervising and managing interpretive staff and sites and who have expertise in leadership and management.

Learn more about CIM

Certified Interpretive Planner™

The Certified Interpretive Planner (CIP™) professional certification recognizes individuals with expertise in interpretive planning and experience creating effective interpretive plans for sites and media.

Learn more about CIP


NAI professional certifications must be renewed every four years. To maintain your certification, you must submit proof of 40 hours continuing education and pay a recertification fee.

Learn more about recertification

Become a Peer Reviewer

If you are professionally certified through NAI, you can earn continuing education hours by serving as a peer reviewer. Once trained, Peer Reviewers are eligible to score submissions for the certification(s) they hold. Interested in learning more? Email [email protected].

For additional questions, please contact the Professional Certification Program Administrator at [email protected].

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